Bodil as a singing priest in the musical To the Flesh to the Heart, The Secret Theatre, May, 95.

Bodil was nominated SINGER OF THE YEAR by Britt Malka, France, in 2006 and MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR at Nøvling School in 2000.

Bodil used to be manager for international classical soloists and received mention in Dame Janet Baker's book "Full Circle" from 1982: "... Bodil, a cheerful girl from the Hansen office drove us at breakneck speed through the traffic; she has a tremendous sense of humour. What a lovely thing to be able to crack jokes in another language!" and: "Bodil came to fetch us and as she drove, told us about a remark in the local newspaper which had informed its readers that, regardless of the abominable weather they had been suffering for days, Spring had actually arrived because Janet Baker was in town to sing! I thought that was nice." :)